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Superb No. 3 - Mattress Topper

  • Nattiluxe

    Horsetail Hair

  • Nattiluxe


  • Nattiluxe

    Protective Cotton

    • Horsetail hair, silk and protective cotton
    • Double silk layers
    • Height 8 cm

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The Superb No. 3 Top Mattress is notably thick with a height of eight centimetres and composed of carefully selected natural materials. The two layers of hand layered horsetail hair enhances comfort with its micro-spring-like structure, which efficiently moves moisture away from the body while silk will provide a cooler feeling and will contour perfectly to your body.

Customizable Aesthetics: Customize the fabric color and piping to match your personal style. The standard color is white.

Nattiluxe mattress toppers can transform any bed into a more comfortable and supportive sleeping environment.

Free from Talalay latex, natural latex, and foam.


  • 100% hand-placed white horsehair (BJX luxury- A+s quality) - 2 layers
  • Silk - 2 layers
  • Protective Cotton ro secure the horsehair layers - 2 layers
  • Luxurious linen and satin-viscose blend

    Free from Talalay latex, natural latex, and foam.


Horsehair Functions: Horsehair provides increased comfort due to its micro-spring-like structure, enhancing air circulation and moisture management. The curled strands of white horsehair, softer and more premium than black horsehair, add support and elasticity.

Silk: Silk adds a soft, airy quality to the mattress. Its exceptional properties include high moisture absorption and temperature regulation, making it durable and resilient. Silk also helps the mattress maintain its elasticity, adapting to your body shape over time.

Linen Benefits: Linen, known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, contributes to a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Durable and hypoallergenic, linen is suitable for sensitive skin and adds a natural elegance.


We have a large selection of fabrics.

You can choose to have the same fabric for all the parts of the bed, or a combination.

Below you will find inspiration for many combinations

Wool Fabric Choices


This is a made-to-order product. Delivery time is 4-8 weeks depending on choices.

Contact us directly or visit your nearest store for specific details and requests.


    Sleeping in a totally natural bed during 30 years or more

  • Nattiluxe

    Total breathability

    Moisture-wickening properties promotes dry nights.

  • Nattiluxe

    Support contouring your body

  • Nattiluxe

    All reusable materials

    re-upholster and refresh after 30 years

  • Nattiluxe

    30 year warranty

  • Nattiluxe

    Temperature regulator

  • Nattiluxe

    Made to measure

    Every part of this bed can be customised