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Faboula No. 4 Mattress Topper

  • Nattiluxe


  • Nattiluxe

    Cotton & Wool Mix

  • Nattiluxe

    Protective Cotton

  • Nattiluxe


    • Horsehair knitted in jute
    • Cotton & Wool Mix and Protective Cotton
    • Handmade wool tufts
    • Linen & Damask fabric
    • Choice of piping color
    • Choice of side fabric
    • Height 5 cm

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Faboula No. 4 Top Mattress  is a perfect blend of pure cotton, cozy wool, and 100% horsehair. This combination naturally regulates body temperature, ensuring a dry and cool sleeping environment. Ideal for those who find latex or memory foam beds too hot, too cold, or too sweaty. Luxurious linen top fabric mixed with natural viscose for high resistance and maximum softness.

Comprising only natural and hypoallergenic materials, specially treated to minimise allergies, our topper offers a superb choice for sensitive sleepers.


    • 100% horsehair, hand-sewn with jute fabric for added stability (BJX - A+ quality) (1 layer)
    • Wool, Cotton to secure the horsehair
    • Linen top fabric mixed with natural viscose for high resistance and maximum softness.
    • Height: 6 cm

    Our mattress toppers have the power to transform any bed.

    Free from Talalay latex, natural latex, and foams


    Horsehair: With millions of micro-springs, horsehair provides increased comfort and a cooler feel by wicking moisture away from the body. Each curled strand acts as a micro-spring, offering support and elasticity.

    Wool: Wool maintains dryness with its high breathability. It cools in warm temperatures and warms in the cold. Naturally flame-resistant, wool adds fire retardant properties to the mattress without chemicals and is anti-static. An extremely durable fiber, wool ensures lifelong resilience.

    Cotton's soft and pliable textile fibers are heat-conductive and breathable, yet strong and durable


    We have a large selection of fabrics.

    You can choose to have the same fabric for all the parts of the bed, or a combination.

    Below you will find inspiration for many combinations

    Wool Fabric Choices


    This is a made-to-order product. Delivery time is 4-8 weeks depending on choices.

    Contact us directly or visit your nearest store for specific details and requests.


      Sleeping in a totally natural bed during 30 years or more

    • Nattiluxe

      Total breathability

      Moisture-wickening properties promotes dry nights.

    • Nattiluxe

      Support contouring your body

    • Nattiluxe

      All reusable materials

      re-upholster and refresh after 30 years

    • Nattiluxe

      30 year warranty

    • Nattiluxe

      Temperature regulator

    • Nattiluxe

      Made to measure

      Every part of this bed can be customised