The ELISABETH set is the most luxurious handmade bed available built on a solid oak foundation. It is the perfect blend of layers of natural materials, craftmanship, comfort and aesthetics.
The interior combination of the quadruple cotton pocketed springs together with white horsetail, cashmere, cotton and silk offers tailored support that conforms to the natural contours of the body.

  • The Elisabeth, boasting a mattress with 5 rows of side stitching, is a state of the art masterpiece adjustable to your preffered height (75-83).


The GRACE, a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship for those who seek unparalleled luxury and comfort in their personal space. This bed is an elegant, transformative experience for your bedroom, creating lavish comfort with its richly layered interior and substantial height.
It represents more than 300 hours of meticulous craftsmanship and is made using the finest natural materials: cashmere, white horsehair, linen and pure virgin cotton.

  • The Grace, with its 4 row side stitching envelops 400 kilos of natural materials.


The DIANA bed set is a Nattiluxe favourite with three unique spring systems that offer a high degree of comfort and and a plush feeling. It combines temperature, comfort, and ventilation with luxurious, personalized details to ensure the perfect sleep.

  • The Diana, 3-row side stitching and triple system of pocketed springs


The ALEXIA set is the perfect balance of hand craftmanship, our single highest pocketed springs and layers of superior horsetail hair and wool and cotton mix. The Alexia bed set construction provides temperature control and moist absorbency for a perfect night sleep.

  • The ALEXIA, with its 2-row side stitch and and our highest pocketed spring of 18cm.


The ISABELLA set is perfect for creating a space of comfort and coziness. Its design and high-quality materials ensure air circulation for a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

Isabella is our most popular model among the classic continental beds offering supreme comfort, giving you the feeling of being cradled in weightlessness.

  • The Isabella its single side stitch, minimalist and elegant.


Natural comfort made accessible. Sofia is our entry-level mattress, crafted entirely from natural materials and it benefits from our unique layer-upon-layer technique. It is surrounded exclusively with European lambswool and pure cotton.
Free from Talalay latex, natural latex, and foam. Enjoy a rejuvenating sleep from the first night in this meticulously crafted mattress.


The VALENTINE bed set is a Scandinavian frame bed as no other. Its double spring system that work independently from each other provides extra stability and support and making the Valentine the most comfortable frame bed in the market.

  • Natural Materials

    At the heart of Nattiluxe lies a commitment to the environment and your well-being. We exclusively use genuine natural materials, and no latex or foam produced through natural processes and labelled as “natural”. We prioritize authentic, nature-derived components like horsetail hair, silk, wool, cotton, and steel pocketed springs in crafting our beds. 

     The properties of each one plays a part in a perfect night sleep providing moist control, thermoregulatory and mattress ventilation. Most importantly all these materials are everlasting and do not deteriorate overtime, making a Nattiluxe bed a lifelong companion. 


  • Nattiluxe

    White Horsetail Hair

    Horsetail hair is the most luxurious and effective natural material for beds due to its inherent properties. Its millions of tiny micro springs provides unparalleled support and elasticity ensuring that the bed adapts to your movements, enhancing both support and longevity. Furthermore, its excellent airflow properties facilitate temperature regulation and moisture management, delivering a cooler and more comfortable sleeping experience.

  • Nattiluxe


    Cashemire is also known as "the fiber of kings". Is an anti-bacterial, lightweight material that molds to the body and maintains its softness over time, even when exposed to moisture. Has anti-static properties, is a natural thermoregulator and flame resistant.

  • Nattiluxe


    Silk makes your mattress soft and airy. Silk isis also lightweight and breathablethat can help control moist and regulates temperature. It helps the mattress retain its elasticity and continues to shape itself to your body over time

  • Nattiluxe


    Wool keeps the mattress dry with its high ventilation capacity. Cools at higher temperature and heat when it is cold. Wool is one of the most flame-proof fibers available and gives mattresses flame-protective properties without chemicals. Extremely durable fiber with lifelong durability.

  • Nattiluxe


    Cotton is breathable, soft and comfortable when it comes into contact with the skin. Hypoallergenic, this luxurious natural fibre is excellent for allergies, skin and breathing conditions.

  • Nattiluxe

    Pocketed Steel Springs

    Steel springs individually pocketed in cotton. This allows the springs to move independently producing a more comfortable and soft experience.



At Nattiluxe, we understand that your bed should be as unique as your dreams. That's why we offer you the opportunity to create a bed that's truly yours, from the inside out. Our commitment to interior excellence and impeccable design extends to every aspect of your bed, allowing you to personalize it to perfection.

  • Mattress Toppers

    Top Mattresses are crucial component of a Nattiluxe continental and frame bed. It adds a plush and cloud feeling to your bed, as it is filled with soft natural materials by hand. Our collection of top mattresses primary material is horsetail hair and below you will find different combinations and heights to adapt to your sleep preference.

  • Ultimatum-Nr-1-Top-Mattress-Nattiluxe

    Ultimatum Nr. 1

    The Ultimatum Mattress topper No 1 offers enhanced softness, adaptability, and flexibility, contributing to an ideal sleeping environment. This mattress topper is the thickest and most luxurious of its kind, with a nine-centimeter height, featuring a blend of 60% white horsehair and 30% of pure cachemire placed by hand. A higher percentage of horsehair improves moisture control, creating a cool and dry sleeping surface.

    The Ultimatum N1 is the ultimate top mattress available.

  • Nattiluxe mattress topper luxurium 2

    Luxurium Nr. 2

    The Luxurium Nr. 2 is our Summer- Winter reversible top mattress filled with expensive white horsetail hair. Its main feature is the combination of quality and quantity of carefully selected natural materials, along with its reversible design for seasonal use. While in summer silk will be closest to your body for a cooler filling, the winter side filled with cachemire will provide extra cozyness. 

    Luxurium Nr. 2 is an all year round top mattress. 

  • Max Cachemire

    Max Cachemire is the perfect balance between double layers of cachemire and hand-nested horsetail hair to eliminate moisture.

    Cashmere is the king of textiles for its thermoregulatory properties combined with its softness.  

  • Nattiluxe Superb Nr 3 Top Mattress

    Superb Nr. 3

    Superb Nr. 3 is an all-time favourite top mattress. The generous amount of horsetail hair layered with silk and cotton amounts to 8 cm placed by hand creates an airy, cool and soft experiences. The hand-nested horsetail hair and the silk will provide a cooler feeling and will contour perfectly to your body.

  • Faboula Nr. 4

    The Faboula Nr. 4 top mattress is crafted in natural materials and is the combination of comfort and health benefits rolled into one. The horsetail hair is expertly knitted in jute to minimise usage gap, providing support and firm comfort.