Become a Retailer

We invite a group of selected strong retail partners who share our commitment to excellence to join us.

We have promising opportunities worldwide and we are dedicated to nurturing successful relationships. While our products remain central to our brand, our success lies in our independent network of retail partners, individuals who share our commitment globally.

Would you like to become one of our esteemed partners?

We are inviting a very selected group of retail partners to showcase our beds. Only one or two per region or country. Specifically, we aim to collaborate with individuals and businesses who:

  • Are eager to deliver exceptional sound experiences to consumers.
  • Possess established networks within affluent circles, spanning interior design, fashion, high-end furniture, bed stores, or unconventional spaces.
  • Demonstrate outgoing personalities, adept at networking within local business communities.
  • Offer products from reputable brands.
  • Boast extensive experience and expertise in regional and local marketing strategies.


Contact us and we'll be delighted to discuss the opportunities.