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  • Nattiluxe

    Quadruple Pocketed Springs

  • Nattiluxe

    White Horsetail Hair

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  • Nattiluxe

    Cotton & Wool Mix

    • Double sets of 2x15 cm and 2x11 cm pocketed springs
    • 5-row side stitching
    • 9 cm white horsetail hair and cachemire top mattress
    • Oak frame foundation
    • 73-82 cm heigh5
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Introducing the ELISABETH Bed, a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship for those who seek unparalleled luxury in their personal spaces. This bed is more than a piece of furniture; it's a transformative experience of lavish comfort and elegance, that can be personalized to your unique taste.

ELISABETH goes beyond the ordinary with its advanced quadruple cotton pocketed spring systems, 2 x 15cm in the mattress and 2 x 11 in the box spring working independently for extra support and stability. The interior of all the beds components is exclusively hand layered with white horsetail hair, cachemire, silk and wool and cotton mix. This blend acts as the ultimate natural thermoregulator, moist control and provides the best support contouring your body.

The meticulous craftsmanship invested in this bed spans over 300 hours, evident in every detail: the foundation is crafted from solid oak, enduring durability and timeless elegance, complemented by the distinctive 5-row side stitching of the mattress.

As seen in picture: Ultimatum Nr. 1 Top Mattress - Elisabeth Mattress - Francis Divan
Please contact us for quotation and more information about fabrics and details. Price indication is based on an emperor size, special fabrics and many details.


Top Mattress

  • 9 cm Ultimatum top mattress
  • 3 layers of White horsetail hair, 4 layers of cachemire - in total 60% horsetail hair and 30% cachemire.


  • 5 rows hand-stitching
  • Two 15 cm high pocket spring systems with each spring moving independently and sewn into linen for your comfort and stability
  • Many layers of soft cashmere for optimal temperature and moisture control
  • Rich layers of white horsehair
  • Lavender for a relaxed atmosphere and natural mite-repelling properties
  • A technique to keep the filling in place
  • Handles optional *
    *Handles are not recommended, due to the weight (≈300kg) but can be placed by request.

Divan Spring Base:

  • Solid Scandinavian oak frame, 25-30 cm high - total stability
  • Superior stability as all materials are encased within the frame
  • Two 11 cm high pocket spring systems for additional independent support and comfort
  • White horsehair
  • Rich layers of silk, wool and cotton
  • Linen to reduce static electricity
  • Protective undercloth in cotton to prevent dust and absorb sound
  • Free from talalay latex, natural latex, and foam.

    Both the mattress and top mattress can be ordered separately.


  • Steel springs individually pocketed in cotton. This allows the pocketed springs to move independently producing a more comfortable and soft experience 

  • White Horsetail hair is the most luxurious and effective natural material for beds due to its inherent properties. Its millions of tiny micro springs providesunparalleled support and elasticityensuringthat the bedadapts to your movements, enhancing bothsupportand longevity. Furthermore, its excellent airflow properties facilitate temperature regulation and moisture management, delivering a cooler and more comfortable sleeping experience.

  •  Cachemire is also known as "the fiber of kings". Is an anti-bacterial, lightweight material that molds to the body and maintains its softness over time, even when exposed to moisture. Has anti-static properties, is a natural thermoregulator and flame resistant.

  • Silk makes your mattress soft and airy. Silk isis also lightweight and breathablethat can help control moist and regulates temperature. It helps the mattress retain its elasticity and continues to shape itself to your body over time.

  • Wool & Cotton mix keeps the mattress dry with its high ventilation capacity. Cools at higher temperature and heat when it is cold. Wool is one of the most flame-proof fibers available and gives mattresses flame protective properties without chemicals. Extremely durable fiber with lifelong durability.


We have a large selection of fabrics.

You can choose to have the same fabric for all the parts of the bed, or a combination.

Below you will find inspiration for many combinations

Wool Fabric Choices


This is a made-to-order product. Delivery time is 4-8 weeks depending on choices.

Contact us directly or visit your nearest store for specific details and requests.


    Sleeping in a totally natural bed during 30 years or more

  • Nattiluxe

    Total breathability

    Moisture-wickening properties promotes dry nights.

  • Nattiluxe

    Support contouring your body

  • Nattiluxe

    All reusable materials

    re-upholster and refresh after 30 years

  • Nattiluxe

    30 year warranty

  • Nattiluxe

    Temperature regulator

  • Nattiluxe

    Made to measure

    Every part of this bed can be customised