Materials Guide



Recognized as one of the most exclusive textiles worldwide. Used for its noble softness and amazing ability to adapt to the body and regulate temperature.



Silk is a strong, high-quality fiber with unmatched properties. High absorption capacity, temperature-regulating, very durable and long-lasting. Pure, soft, and airy. Exceptionally conforms to the body.



Horsehair is not just a filler; it functions like millions of tiny springs. This natural resilience offers superior support and allows for optimal air circulation, aiding in temperature regulation and moisture management. The spring-like structure of horsehair ensures a bed that adapts to your movements, providing both comfort and longevity.

The two types we use are:

AAA+ White Horsehair

AA+ Black Horsehair

Horsehair is a remarkable material known for its natural resilience and ventilation properties. It excellently supports airflow, helping to regulate temperature and ensure a dry, comfortable sleeping environment. Its unique structure allows for optimal moisture wicking, contributing to a bed that stays fresh and hygienic. The inclusion of high-grade horsehair in our mattress toppers enhances their durability and provides a level of comfort and support that stands the test of time.



A self-cleaning material with high ventilation capability that keeps the bed dry. Cools in higher temperatures and warms when it's cold. Has antiseptic properties and creates an unfavorable environment for mites. An extremely durable fiber with lifelong durability.



Linen provides durable fibers with high absorption capacity. An environmentally friendly material that improves with age. Durable.



A very comfortable material with its soft, pliable textile fibers. Cotton is heat-conductive, breathable, yet strong and durable.



Lavender is a delightfully fragrant essential oil with many therapeutic effects, including calming and relaxing. Also effective against mites.


Free from Latex, Natural Latex, and Foam

We prioritize the use of solid, natural materials over latex and foam in our bed frames and headboards for several reasons. Latex and certain foams can trap heat and moisture, potentially leading to a less hygienic sleeping environment. Over time, these materials can also lose their structural integrity, leading to reduced support and comfort. Our approach ensures a bed that not only offers superior comfort and hygiene but also maintains its quality and support over time, providing a lasting investment in restful sleep.