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Featherbed Standard 90 feather |10 down Mattress Pad

  • Nattiluxe

    White Duck Feather and Down

  • Nattiluxe

    5 kg for 180x200

  • Nattiluxe

    TC 280

    • 90/10 white duck feather and white duck down
    • 280 thread count
    • Height 6 cm

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The Featherbed is a plush mattress topper filled with a blend of feathers and down, designed to provide your bed with enhanced comfort.

Ideal for placement directly on your box spring or as an addition to your existing mattress topper, it offers a cozy and enveloping feel akin to sleeping on a cloud.

A Soft and Luxurious Choice
The Sleep Revolution featherbed is uniquely filled with 50% white duck feathers and 50% white duck down, a composition that is softer compared to the standard featherbeds with a higher feather content. This unique 50-50 blend is different from the typical 10% down and 90% feathers composition found in standard featherbeds, providing a first-class hotel-quality experience.

The amount and quality of the down ensure that the featherbed retains its shape and has a longer lifespan, avoiding the discomfort of protruding sharp feathers. The fabric is channel-stitched and made of 100% down-proof cotton.

Behandling: Tyget har dunbehandlats vilket gör att dunet andas och samtidigt förhindrar att fyllningen sticker ut. 
Vikt: 5000 g (vid storlek 180x200cm)

Tillverkas i samarbete med The Sleep Revolution. 


  • Outer Fabric Thread Count: 280TC
  • Filling: 90% white duck feather, 10% white duck down. Sourced from Germany and France.
  • Usage: All year round
  • Weight: 5000 g (for size 180x200cm)
  • Height 6 cm

Care Instructions: Recommended to shake the mattress at both ends once a month for even distribution of the filling. Best protected with our 100% cotton mattress protector.
Washing Instructions: Foam wash or machine wash at 60 degrees. Must be thoroughly dried in a drying cabinet at a maximum of 60 degrees. The high quality allows for machine washing.

Treatment: The natural fabric heat-treatment ensures the down remains breathable and contained within the topper.

Manufactured by The Sleep Revolution